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Custom Search Engine for Canadian Public Health Information

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Ebola Outbreak 2014: Public Health Information Resources (PDF, 26k)
Looking for the latest research on Ebola? Click here to run a MEDLINE search for articles on Ebola that have been published since March 2014. (To run this search without a date limit, click here.)

Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence: A Guide from the Ontario Public Health Libraries Association (PDF, 214k)

Ontario Public Health Unit Reports: A Grey Literature Repository Compiled by OPHLA

CINAHL Tutorial (PDF, 448k)

Evidence Based Public Health Information Sources (PDF, 76k)

EBSCO Medline - A Self Learning Guide (DOC, 640k)

Guide to Database Searching via Ovid (PDF, 708k)

Literature Searching for Evidence Reading List (PDF, 116k)

Open Access Public Health Journals (PDF, 336k)

Population Health Indicators (PDF, 40k)

Public Health Databases (PDF, 587k)

Public Health Alerts and Discussion Lists (Listservs) (PDF, 201k)

PubMed Tutorial (PDF, 980k)

Web Search Tools (PDF, 149k)

Guide to Using OPHLA's "Live" Literature Searches for the Ontario Public Health Standards (PDF, 1,920k)

Being updated:

Funding Opportunities - List of Canadian and International Agencies (PDF, 198k)

Public Health Grey Literature Sources (PDF, 80k)